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About Me

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 About me

When designing I always keep in mind a museum, museums are about creating visual moments that tells a powerful story. Interiors should capture the same goal. I believe in using minimal elements to create beautiful and compelling settings that command your direct attention. This creates impactful moments and experiences. Truly, every design element can become an event.

When designing, I create a concept and introduce a strict logic or formula to use when developing the scheme. I believe that design can be simple and should focus on the basic elements; space, form, proportion, light and materials. This creates an elegant and sophisticated space. Using limited elements allows for meaningful design. Every component present works in harmony to create a simple yet complex design. Lastly, the finishing touch on a chic design is the materiality. I love a monochromatic pallet that layers materials of different textures, patterns and prints.

Being a designer is a precious role in society. We create interiors which people live in, experience events and create memories. This personal approach to design reflects who I am as a person. I believe everyone has an ethical and moral responsibility to contribute their skill to the world, my being through design. Ultimately, I want to design interiors to leave my thumbprint on a moment in someone life.